Breathenow app store breathing exercises
Breathenow app live healthier

Breathe now

helps you breathe better and live healthier

Breathe now is a powerful app that teaches you breathing techniques backed by science to improve your physical and mental wellbeing anytime and anywhere.

• Increase your breathing efficiency in minutes with advanced techniques.

• Train your breath with programs from certified breath coaches.

• Improve your well-being by tracking your progress.

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Zones app store organize your life
Zones app store organize projects


helps you organize your life with ease

Zones is a productive app to manage your projects into tasks by creating personalized zones to help you achieve your goals and tasks effortlessly.

• Improve time management by organizing your zones.

• Achieve your goals by customizing your zones with personal or work projects.

• Increase efficiency by tracking your statistics.

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Thrive app store plan your life
Thrive plan your life with decision making app store


helps you plan your life and make informed decisions

Thrive is a planning app to manage your goals, ideas and decisions. It helps you break down your plans into small, actionable and achievable steps.

• Improve decision making with personalized decision planner.

• Reduce procrastination by fulfilling your goals.

• Manage your performance with progress reports.

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Habits with henry habit tracker goal planner app store good habits
Habits with henry app store build good habits break bad habits planner and tracker

Henry: Habit & Mood tracker

helps you build good habits for lifetime.

Habits with Henry is a easy to use and powerful app that helps you build healthy routines, manage goals and get inspired to reinvent your life.

• Develop productive habits by creating and managing habits.

• Improve your mood with personalized mood tracker.

• Get motivated to create new habits, improve current habits or break bad habits.

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